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Mission Statement

The Children's Centre has four locations: St. John Bosco School and School age programs at J.L. Jordan and St. Francis Xavier Schools and École Ange-Gabriel. We are an extended family away from home creating a safe, trusting, caring, and nurturing environment. We are devoted to the well-being of the whole child, focusing on their ability to reach their full potential.


The Children's Centre is a partnership of staff and volunteers committed to the development of quality programs that foster independence and a positive attitude towards learning.




Parents have peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters independence and a positive attitude towards learning.


Staff at the Children's Centre will work with families to ensure a safe and nurturing setting is provided for all children. All program staff is qualified as Early Childhood Educators or Child Youth Workers or equivalent. We maintain an OPEN DOOR POLICY to allow parents the opportunity to observe their child in the program.



“As a parent, there is nothing better than knowing your child is safe and in good hands. The staff at St. John Bosco Children’s Centre and at the before and after school sites ensures us that we never have to worry about our children’s happiness and safety. The teachers show a genuine enthusiasm for their roles, and the impact that they have made on our boy’s lives has been wonderful. My children have developed those essential foundational life skills and we really do credit much of that to the great care and attention they receive from the staff of the St. John Bosco Children’s Centre. My Children receive a good range of activities and stimulation within the programs they have participated in from sensory activities, reading, and field trips and outside play. Overall, the staff at the St. John Bosco Children’s Centre is a wonderful group of people. We feel fortunate to have a Centre like this for our children and within our community.”


Leigh-Ann Ellis

Meet the team

A little more about who we are

Francine Metcalfe



Francine Metcalfe has worked at St. John Bosco Children’s Centre for 20 years.  She began in the Preschool Program where she had the opportunity to work alongside dedicated staff to plan and implement quality programming for the children.  Francine became the Director of The Children’s Centre in March 2002.  As Director, she is dedicated to her role and her commitment to the children and their families.  She maintains a high standard of quality and expectations for the Centre and the Staff.  She believes in the importance of teamwork and is proud of the reputation St. John Bosco Children’s Centre maintains as a highly inclusive and professional learning environment.

Heather Servage


Assistant Supervisor

Heather Servage has been with St. John Bosco Children’s Centre for 16 years.  She has devoted herself to the Preschool Program and has had the privilege to work alongside dedicated teachers and community partners.  In January 2007, Heather was offered the Assistant Supervisor position with The Children’s Centre and divides her time with supervisory and program responsibilities.  Heather continues to grow professionally and prides herself on implementing an inclusive play based program that is nurturing and fun.

Cathy Gladu



Cathy Gladu has been with St. John Bosco Children’s Centre for 22 years.  She has had the privilege to work with every age group and has enjoyed all the programs.  In August of 2006 Cathy embarked on a new bilingual journey as Supervisor of our new centre at Académie Catholique Ange Gabriel.  The centre is French based and has allowed Cathy to grow and challenge herself all the while enriching the lives of many children and their families.

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